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For more than twenty years our insurance defense law firm has provided outstanding representation to clients facing litigation in New Mexico. We have a demonstrated track record of results, and our clients include large, nationally recognized insurers and self-insured entities, as well as state and local governmental entities.

John S. Stiff, founding partner of Stiff, Garcia & Associates, LLC, began his legal career in 1983.  Through the years, our clients have included insurance companies, government entities, professionals, contractors, manufacturers, landowners, and others. Our insurance litigation practice areas include automobile litigation, insurance coverage, general liability, premises liability, professional liability, product liability, construction defects, employment and civil rights.

Contact our New Mexico defense firm today if you need effective, experienced representation in the area of insurance litigation.

The Three-Phase Approach

As attorneys, we try to think outside the box to identify creative ways to approach each client’s situation.  In our experience as insurance defense lawyers, we have found every lawsuit has three phases. We effectively represent our clients through a “Three-Phase Approach.” This approach reflects our conviction that the most efficient way to handle a case is to settle it out of court whenever possible, though we work on the assumption that each case may, in fact, go to trial. The three phases are:

  • Phase I:  The initial process of discovery, learning the facts of the case, exploring options, and providing the client with a solid understanding of the range of value of the case.
  • Phase II:  Exploring the issues preventing the parties from settling the case during the first phase, to determine the strengths and weakness of their legal position
  • Phase III:  “Drawing the lines” and preparing for trial.  Phase III is reached only if the plaintiff and defendant have not been able to come to an agreement, despite aggressive attempts to do so.

We believe this approach to litigation serves the client through trust, responsiveness, cooperation, and cost effectiveness. It allows us to most efficiently allocate the client’s resources by not rushing them into a courtroom, thus saving their time and money.

The Stiff, Garcia & Associates Promise

We Will:

Return phone calls promptly.

Follow your reporting guidelines.

Work in partnership with your claims professionals.

Help you to identify the reasons the case did not settle before suit and suggest creative strategies.

Prepare for trial if the case cannot be resolved.

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